The History of CODA Chorus

The Chorus began as ecumenical association of church choirs in 1967 under the leadership of Donald Auclair. Its name betrays its beginnings: the Church Organists and Directors Association. While no longer directly church-affiliated, the group does perform both sacred and secular music.

The annual CODA Christmas concert has become a holiday tradition for heralding in the holidays in the Winthrop area and since 1991, CODA also presents a Spring concert. In 2003, we were invited by the University of Maine at Augusta Senior College to perform an additional Christmas Program in Augusta’s St. Marks’s Episcopal Church and again in 2004, 2005, and 2006 at various churches in Augusta.

CODA’s directors in the last couple of decades have been Dale Perkins, Barbara Franklin, Delmar Small, Ed Larson, and currently Joelle Morris.


Winthrop, Maine